I’m so sorry for this. What we’ve built , it’s never going to amount to anything because of the complications that we fear. I wish I had the guts to tell you how much I love you. You’d try and defend my love for you though because you don’t want it, you really don’t want any of it. 


I’m the hangover that you dread to have 

yet you never think it’ll happen. 

I’m the ghost that sends shivers down your spine 

and you still wonder if it was your imagination. 

I’m your conscious telling you to jump 

but you fear the depth of the oceans. 

I’m the words that are repeated daily through your fragile little mind, 

you chose to ignore them and chose your own fate. 

I’m the noose that hangs in your bedroom, 

waiting to be tied and worn like a piece of designer art. 

I’m your greatest fear, 

yet your dearest love. 

I’m your passion, your freedom , your touch, 

I am the pillow that smothers you at night, 

damping out your fears, your heartbreak, your bad luck. 

I am everything you want me to be, everything that you need, 

yet I am all around you , constantly ,

you still chose to discard me and throw me in the lake 

without thinking about the splash that I could make.